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Economics, English & General Paper Tutoring

Are you interested in raising your test scores and achieving outstanding grades? Get in touch today and see how I can assist you in becoming a better and more efficient learner.


Learn from a Laureate

As an ex-laureate and a degree holder in Economics and Finance from Australia's #1 university, I now aim at imparting my Economics knowledge and inculcate the command of the English language to my students.

Come join me on an enriching journey during which I will break down what the examiners look for and make it less daunting for you. 

Future-proof your Economics, English and General Paper with smart techniques. Join as a beginner and leave with lifelong assets.

How It Works

How It Works

What can you expect?

Tutoring Options

  • Economics: Grasp theoretical knowledge, its application and its integration in essays to craft relevant and accurate answers.
  • English and General paper: Bank of model essays covering a wide array of topics, regular updates on relevant world news, vocabulary & grammar enhancement, oral examination preparation
  • Fresh outlook & Audiovisual Techniques
  • Online Classes Option Available

  • Economics Grade 10-13

  • General Paper Grade 12, 13

  • English Grade 9 - Grade 11


What Happy

Students &

Parents Say


"Highly recommended, she`s very dedicated to her student`s success and she breaks down what the examiners are asking in simpler ways to understand.

Muzammil Aubeeluck

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