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The Team

Behind the scenes of this online platform, there is a software engineer and a GP tutor who joined hands to make the process of online learning a smoother and more enjoyable one especially in the unprecedented climate caused by Covid-19. Through the blog, the forum and interactive features like comments, likes and the ability to insert audiovisual media, we hope that this website pioneers modern and productive online learning in Mauritius.

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Meet your tutor

Yasiirah Allykhan

Former student of the Queen Elizabeth College, Yasiirah was proclaimed as the 3rd laureate of the Economics side in the 2015 Cambridge A level examinations. The leading bank of the country then offered her a fully-funded scholarship to the study destination of her choice. She then moved to Melbourne which was the world’s most liveable city that year. Fully aware of the benefits of an all-encompassing scholarship, she now wants to return part of the knowledge she has acquired to new generations of students.

Yasiirah always made it a priority to optimise not only written but also spoken English. In 2014, delegate for the United Kingdom she won the ‘Best Speaker’ award at the National Model United Nations conference. Eventually, she switched sides and became the Chairperson of its Economic and Social Council in 2015.

After majoring in Finance and Economics from the best university in Australia and pursuing postgraduate certification at the Edinburgh business school, she is eager to share her joy of learning. Not only does she want to make the students excel in English and General Paper but also wants to enable them to carry forward this transferable asset in the long term. 

Highly appreciative of the insights gained from travelling to various countries, she hopes to share this worldview to students to foster their critical thinking from different lenses. The students’ interests will be held at heart and she will share all the tips and techniques which are sadly, often overlooked in traditional teaching. She will strive to teach students how to wield the power of words to their advantage to form their opinions.

We truly hope you make the most of the classes.

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Meet the man behind the seamless design of our online learning platform

Muzammil Aubeeluck

Software engineer by profession, Muzammil is a fervent adept of technology. Anything revolving around technology, programming or coding is second nature to him. At 27, he is a confirmed consultant at Spoon Consulting and assists in delivering customized solutions to clients from all over the world using an agile software development methodology.

As a former Microsoft Student Partner and a first class Computer Science graduate, Muzammil flew to Ghana in 2017 to attend an intensive training programme to further sharpen his already-enriched portfolio of skills. During his time there, he enhanced his problem-solving and design-making techniques. Even more commendable is that he was one of the 2 Mauritians selected to integrate the academy out of potential candidates from 15 African countries.In 2017 itself, Muzammil founded an organisation called YouCode whereby he broke down the basics of coding to youngsters and imparted his all-time passion. 

Tech-savvy by nature, a fun fact about Muzammil is that he is also a tremendous supercar enthusiast. BMW or Lamborghini, you name it and he will cite you the various specificities and technicalities. 

We are very lucky to have him on board.

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